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May 28th, 2011

Fat Trent is this big mammoth masked as a man but the fat fucker is he co-owner of the club so he gets all the pussy in the world. I spot the big fat fucker at around 1AM butt-blasting these two latina girls in the back of the club near the VIP lounge.

It’s like looking at Godzilla naked as the girls are almost blocked by the site of his gigantic fucking head and the two drunk sluts are getting bent over and slammed to the wall as I noticed one of them sticks her ass out and is getting into the act very well.

I get a closer view and spot up on the drunk college girl orgy.

“Take that dick baby, c’mon, take that man-sized cock!” Screams one of the screaming smokeshows as Fat Trent pounds the girls 1/10 his size into the wall while licking the other girl’s twat as she is pinned up against the wall and using his broad fat shoulders to hold her up while feeding him her snatch.

Fat Trent then does a baby-boy with the other chick, carrying her by his cock as he stands up and spreads the short girls legs and nails her slit with a fury.

“Yeah, that’s some good cock, yeah take this cock!” Says the rotund railsplitter as he splits her neatly-shaven pussy.

All of a sudden, the girl who is letting the obese owner eat out her wet snatchbox starts screaming at a lung-popping pace and says she’s going to cum.

This, I got to see.

The hot smokeshow squirts like a sprinkler all over FAT Trent’s naked body and it’s no surprise that I see shit like this druing another beer-soaked, free-fucking night at Hammerhead Hanks.

Body Shots
April 26th, 2011

Cherrie Rose XXX Porn Red Tube

Cherrie was going body shot after body shot, rambling on about how she’s the freakiest one of her friends, the one who always does new shit first. So while at this house party, I keep that in mind, as I’m tonguing another shot off her baby-smooth shaved crotch. I signal the bartender for more shots, this time taking it right above her cunt, so I can serpent my tongue pass her thong and soon she’s squirming with delight as I’m deep drilling her pussy in front of her friends. Her friends begin to pay more and more attention, and I got this cunt under control, her labia under lock down, as I’m teasing her twat in front of all her friends.

These girls are looking to party, however, so while I’m licking her slit, she signals her friends and they begin to disrobe me as I’m doing my thing, trying to tongue her down even as they undo my shirt, my pants, everything. I’m a big guy – but I don’t fight back when the girls start pulling me off their friend and lay be down, bringing out the whip cream and acting all dominant.

That’s when this beauty kneels down in front of me and begins sucking me off, plopping my cock in her mouth, a cfnm blowjob as I’m completely exposed and this girl wants to dominate my dick the same way I was controlling the cunt, using me to demonstrate to her friends what a little cfnm exhibitionism is all about. I stay hard like a column, just letting her work my dick, until she finally gives the signal that she wants to see me cum so I let loose as she rubs me off.

Share That
April 12th, 2011

Cherrie Rose XXX Porn Assparade

I was at this club with a bunch of friends one night when I noticed these Jersey Shore wannabe juiceheads were gung-ho on trying to get something out of my girl, thinking she’s one of these drunk club sluts (yeah she gets friendly when twisted – but shit, she’s mine!). I rolled up, got her attention without touching (showing that I know her) and then shielded her from the flock of filthy fuckers who were trying to grab a feel of her camel toe.

To be honest, she’s not my girl but Rose and I have been fucking each other on and off since high school, and I’m not looking to give up easy pussy any time soon. We both fuck and date other people, but this place is a cockfest tonight, so no way I’m leaving empty handed and her defenseless! She’s drunk though, a mixed blessing, because next thing you know she’s pulling out my dick and my shorts are falling off altogether, trying to give me a cfnm handjob.

Rose loves being an exhibitionist, getting seen and caught, so I take her to the side and begin groping her crotch before dipping my head below, eating her cunt, tonguing her down until she’s aching for the quaking which is when I toss off what little clothes I have left and her let return the favor, wrapping her thick lips around my rod, caging my cock in her delicious mouth with a cfnm blowjob.

The Jersey Shore wannabes were watching, stunned, and even though the club was breezy, her mouth was like 90s degrees, nice and comfortable, so I unleashed a nut and let her lick it up, before security showed up. A hop, skip and away and we’re bolting for the door, deciding to bail before anyone can do anything further about our little public cfnm exhibitionism. Hell yeah!

Breaking up by the Beach!
March 7th, 2011

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So I was finally done with Monica’s bullshit, I had been babysitting her ass for far too long and when I told her to “get fucked!” she responded saying it was a good idea – and frankly I didn’t give a shit anymore. I cleaned up, dressed up, chugged some liquor and then poured some more into a water bottle, hellbent to go clubbing, get hammered, and get me a cfnm blowjob if I could someplace.  Here at the beach, they have clubs open from midnight to midnight, where you can get go party all day on the weekend and right now that sounded like a brilliant way to start the day!

So I called up my wing-woman, one of those chicks you don’t fuck with because she can instead hook you up with her friends, you know? And bam, we were back at some club she knew with these tan girls with thick booties, sexy latinas who were ripe for the pipe. One girls ass was so sweet, I swore it had its own pulse, and while I was feeling up and flirting with her, her friend came in to try stealing the attention, and we ended up in a three-way kiss. I get a round of drinks, invite them for a smoke where the music isn’t so fucking loud and was by the car in a hot minute.  I even invite my wing-woman and her dude over, a friendly 5-some if shit goes right!

Back in the car, me and these two drunk club sluts are going at it, licking and groping and I know girls are always a little more conservative about shit, but hell, no one is going to give a fuck if I take my shirt off so I let that go, drop to my shorts and next thing you know I’m getting an aggressive cfnm handjob as these girls are trying to lure me back to the car – hell yeah! Soon the one whose ass has a pulse is grinding against my cock, jerking me off with her ass cheeks while her friend is sitting on my face, and then booty-girl moves her thong aside and slides on to my cock while I’m face-fucking her friend, and even though I’m ass-naked, these girls are just having fun, clothed-except-where-they-can’t-be, ready to step out and run if we get caught (but seriously, who gives a fuck? cops don’t care!).

CFNM fucking continues and they’re moaning “gimmethatfuckingcockomg” (yeah all mumbled together ilke that) as the other one is simply grinding against me. Girl then slides off my dick so her friend can ride, and begins licking my shaft and her clit and I realize that quitting Monica’s bullshit was the best thing I’ve done in a long while!  The new dude got the camera, wing-woman encouraged the two beauties and well, it was fucking awesome!

Taming a Legend!
February 22nd, 2011

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Melissa is the fucking unicorn of the girls that go to the Greenhouse, that shiny beauty everyone wants to mount, big-breasted, sculpted ass a sort of legendary feat if you get to fuck her.  She’s too good for the majority of the big-dick, small-brain dumbasses here but I like to think that I got a little more swagger, a little more skill, and one night I have her all to myself.   You see, the Greenhouse has the dance floor and then an elevated area around it where people drink and mingle – but then there’s an even higher area on one side kind of like having box-seats.  Up those stairs are tinted windows, the place where the DJ views the crowd, and a private lounge area with a private bartender, not so much of a VIP in the “big money” sense so much as social clout.  Money can’t buy class.  And one night I have her up there, talking to her since we wanted her to help promote the club, giving her flyers and ideas and such.  And somehow chit chat had one sexual comment that led to another, a joke that led to a dare, and next thing you know I’m licking her ass and fingering her cunt while we’re all alone up here before they start getting set for the club proper.

She’s a dirty slut, and she’s loving it as I snake into her cunt and then I pull my cock out and begin stroking it, so it goes from her standing and backing up on to my face, to then her sitting on me, and now to a 69-position and she notices my massive man-meat and begins tittyfucking me!  I’m kicking and ripping off my clothes and she’s treating me to a cfnm blowjob as I’m tugging her panties aside and tonguing her down, and she’s tugging on my balls and easing me into her throat as she fucks me with her face.

Soon she gets up though and mounts on my dick, and I’m stuffing her from behind as I arch her over a table, and even thuogh I’m butt-naked now, the cfnm fucking is still making me work up a sweat as I thunder down backshots and wrapping an arm around the front to lift her off the ground and press against her clit, fingering her like a fucking guitar!  I just keep piping this girl and then – kaboom – I spray a cum-bomb all over that ass.  Ahhh!

Dicking 2 Ditzes
February 4th, 2011

Popularity can convey a sense of attraction similar to being rich – the more friends you got, the more people love you, then the more attractive you are to the ladies.  You need to understand, humans weren’t born with gold and riches – in a more primal time, influence was simply the social-network that kept you in power (which is how you later got the gold and wealth).  My point?  Popular guys get pussy.  Just inviting her to hang with your friends can be a boost.

And DJs always get the pussy.  Now I’m not pretending to be a DJ, but sometimes I get up there and help my buddy, so naturally the girls associate me with such.  They’re drinking, dancing, sweating, pussies pink and plump waiting for the poking.  And when people are paying for us to entertain them, well, it makes us look like a hot commodity, doesn’t matter who the real DJ is.  To boot, my buddy always had his hoodie on, so even the flyers show his trademark style.  Girls don’t know who the DJ is, really.

So one night I’m doing my thing and these two sluts are flirting with me, eyeballing me and they said they’d wait for me in the back (where normally people keep equipment, a small wardrobe for entertainers, that kind of deal).  Now I didn’t know how these sluts had the access, but security let them through – and when I dipped back there to see, they were fucking each other with a double-sided dildo, drooling for dick.  They still had their clothing on – all except for their panties, missing from beneath their little skirts – and they attacked like hyenas!

They stripped me to the bone and started tonguing me down, one of them french kissing me while the other one slurped me a cfnm blowjob, making me harder than granite, sucking my cock as she kneaded my balls between her fingers or scratching my legs.  When she pulled off, it was to bend over a chair and her sister let me go so I could go fuck the blowjob queen and reward her with a little cfnm fuck fest.  “Fuck her, fuck the shit out of her!” she hollered, going back to pleasuring herself with the toy.  I think slid my schlong in her sisters little slit.   The one with the dildo then sat on the makeup counter and shoved the other end of the double-sided dildo into her sisters mouth – so it looks like we’re tag teaming the little one, I’m fucking her from behind while her sister is fucking her face with a toy and every time the young one thrusts her head forward, she’s fucking her big sisters pussy with it.  We were fucking nasty, when someone walked in on us and told me the DJ needed me – shit, they knew they were fucking the wrong guy(!) – so I pulled out and busted a huge cum load on her ass, getting my pants back on as I ran outside.  Peace!

Memories of cfnm
January 21st, 2011

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When some of us were young and wild, back in the late 70s, there was this club where any straight man was guaranteed to get laid. I know because I lived it, so I’m sharing this story so others can see.

One of my best memories was of Angela, I took her to the back and got a delightful cfnm blowjob from her, she wet tongue all over my cock. The weed made us all horny as hell back then, so she was just in love with my mammoth man-meat, shoving it down her throat, licking my balls, jerking it while kissing my stomach. She had the best cfnm blowjob any man could desire.

I returned the favor of course – getting a good fuck is what motivated a lot of these girls – banging her bush through her hiked up dress. I remember times I’d dive into her muff, tongue servile, as she aggressively shoved my face into that tight twat, as I prepared her for the piping.

Other times we got the idea to just get all the guys, strip, and then streak the club, and that’s when we got the idea to throw these cfnm parties (and even now, we’ve passed the torch to our sons and friends, letting them enjoy the mania). It was another time, but good sex is timeless, you know?

Good times man, good times.

Two girls, one cock
January 6th, 2011

So these two hotties have been putting on a show, and they know it, lusciously licking each others tongues and grinding on each other, quick to dismiss any dickhead who thinks he can just waltz on in.  Only an alpha male has any chance with them, and tonight a bunch of betas were all itching to beat off just looking at these girls.  One of the girls was white – the other black – and both of them were hot, in this ying-yang, chocolate-vanilla kind of swerve.

Suddenly I see Marco jumping into the crowd, trying to get things going with the dark one, grinding and such and he manages to get a little cred with the white chick, who he starts exchanging tongues with while she reaches down and tugs his meat, and she’s so shocked with his package that she rewards him with a little cfnm handjob action.  Shameless, he lets his shorts drop, getting his dick wanked, but he still wants the black chick but she isn’t having it.

He’s persistent though, and soon they exchange words – the only way he’s touching her is if he eats her cunt – and lo’, Marco is a fiend for that shit.  So he has her kneeling on a table and then sits his happy self away from her, sliding his head under and eating her out.  We could see his tongue sliding along her slit, that tight little ass exposed to the world, and soon she’s loosening up too, getting into the grime game and guiding her serpent-tongue inside of her.

The little white broad never let down though, and that cfnm handjob soon switched to a blowjob, the lil drunk slut throating him til his dick was as rosy as her mouth.  So the little white girl is tonguing him, while he’s tonguing her black friend, and the whole scenario gets him so worked up that he just busts a nut all over and it shoots off like a fucking geyser.  Haha what a fucking night!

Grouping Cock Gobbling
December 30th, 2010

I had no idea I’d get this big, but fuck yeah its awesome, I’m going from a local emcee to a bonafide star ripping up the mic, ever since I started mixing in some of that dubstep shit that everyone is listening to nowadays.  I used to had to chase these girls to tongue their twats, and now their tasting my tall tommy head first!

I’ve been working the beach for weeks now, got a nice tan, relaxed outfit, and I had gone up to the booth on the 2nd floor to get a quick nap before my show started.  I had been partying all weekend, was still in my swim gear, and just needed a rest.  The 2nd floor usually didn’t fill up until later, and the club wasn’t up yet, so I had a few minutes – when I was awoken by this Spanish beauty, her mouth all over my marble-hard cock! Cfnm blowjob yo!  Her soft, big lips wrapped around my manhood while another one of her friends sat nearby, the owners had let these two girls in and up early as a little treat.  This girl’s tongue is all over my cock, kissing and sucking my balls inbetween, jerking my dick in a cfnm handjob and I’m like, wow, I never knew showbiz was like this.  The entertainment industry makes a big show and all, but you always doubt a little, you always wonder how much of it is real.

Anyways, so this Spanish shortie is slurping my man-meat, when she admits she’s craving celebrity cock and she turns into a social climber, as she drops her pants just enough that I begin piping her pussy over the stool I use at my DJ booth.  I’m slipping and sliding in her wet snatch, and just being with someone famous is having her cream like crazy, as I deliver back shots over her bent over bottom and when I check my watch I got only a few minutes before the club opens up.  I turn on my machine and get some audio clips, then put the machine on auto and the club begins filling while I’m filling this girl with dick.  When I’m ready to nut, she tugs me off on to a napkin but then blows me to clean me off, keeping herself clean so she can spend the night by my dick while I get to work – and then during the show, I mix in her hollering into the music, and people wonder where I get my audio samples from, ha!  I love this bitch.  I didn’t get to sleep much, but there ain’t no rest for the wicked!

Three Girls, One Cock
December 22nd, 2010


The event was supposed to be a sexy tattoo contest, looking for good ink in naughty places near pussy, ass or tits.  The girls could get drinks (and maybe a reward) but the guys would probably pay like nuts at the door to get in and see it (so really the whole promotion paid itself).  At the moment, Alexis showed us one above her pussy and on her tits, and applause she was getting was a good sign for her prospects.

Then – Steve – busted out his mammoth man-slinger and started beating it in front of the finalists!  I would say “this is madness”, but Steve already had the “This Is Sparta!” face like no one was going to fuck with him, this was his club so he’s entitled to swing his dick where he pleases.

“Foxy”, one of the other girls, then nearly tackles him, pushing him to the couch and when the other girls realize the power-m0ve she’s making, they freak the fuck out! Alexis and Foxy are both on him, cfnm blowjob style, while the other contestants are watching and wondering if they should quit or join in, and the smile on their faces shows what kind of freaks they are to forget they’re on a fucking stage.

One of the other babes, Becky, is either bisexual, a dyke, or simply wants to be original – but she pulls Alexis’ thong aside and starts dipping her tongue into Alexis’ backside and I’m wondering if she’s eating out her pussy, her ass or both.  Alexis seems shocked at first, but then turns off from Steve to get into a fuckfest with Becky, provoking everyone with the show.

Daring as fuck (and also why we only got a nickname), Foxy stole the show by standing up – having Steve grab and flip her – and lo’, she’s getting her snatch eaten (one of Steve’s favorite things to do) while she’s giving a cfnm blowjob to the owner!   People could peek in from outside and clients just kept pouring in to see the crazy show they had going on.  Fucking brilliant!


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